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Claimable Amount
If you still have unclaimed tokens in previous seasons, please claim them in .
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How to Get Airdrops
Increase your airdrop amount by completing the following tasks in FoxEye.
Token Detection
5 per action
Use token detection feature to get a safety report of any token.
Daily Upper Limit: 20 tokens
Risk Alert
20 per action
Risk alerts are triggered automatically while using FoxEye. Once triggered you'll get airdrop bouns.
Daily Upper Limit: 60 tokens
Experience Risk Demo
{{ isHardcore == 1 ? 1000 : 80 }}
Risk Demo is a demo for risk alerts. When you haven't met any risk alert yet, you can experience risk demo to see how FoxEye will behave when encountering risks.
This is a one-time task.
Revoke Approvals
10 per action
Approval Management is a tool for checking and revoking approvals. Regularly revoking unnecessary and unknown approvals can increase your safety significantly.
Daily Upper Limit: 40 tokens
Airdrop Guide
Q: Where to claim?
Airdrop claiming is available on BSC. Just claim it on this page. Amount and qualification are not related to your blockchain preference. If you have only used your account on Ethereum or other chains, you can still claim it on BSC.
Q: When to claim?
There will be 24 airdrop seasons, each of which lasts half a month. You can claim your airdrop after the season ends and wait for admin enters the airdrop result on the airdrop contract(only take a few minutes after each season ends).

If you left some unclaimed airdrops in previous seasons, they could be found in seasons history.
Q: Airdrop qualification
Every user who finished tasks in the FoxEye plugin will be eligible to get $FOX airdrop.
Q: Extra bonus
Users who meet the following two requirements in the past 12 months counting from the beginning of Season One, will get an extra bonus, raising from 80(original bonus) to 1000(extra bonus), if they complete the Risk Demo task:
  • The account has used one of the following dApps on Ethereum or BSC: Uni, Sushi, 1inch, Curve, DODO, ENS, AAVE, cBridge, Multichain, and Pancake.
  • Balance was greater than 0.5 ETH(on Ethereum) or 0.5 BNB(on BSC); Or stable coins balance was greater than 500(on Ethereum) or 50(on BSC); Or held one of these NFTs: BAYC, Meebit, CryptoPunks, Mfers, Moonbirds, The Saudis, Azuki.

Again, these requirements are only for extra bonuses, not for the entire airdrop campaign.
Q: Utility of FOX token
$FOX token allows you to gain dividends(in stables) from FoxEye Dividends Pool.
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