Q: Where do funds in the dividends pool come from?
FoxEye security ecosystem has multiple sources of income: client advertisements, security services, etc.
Income will enter the Dividends Pool contract directly from advertisers or buyers. FoxEye team will charge a 20% commission while the rest is left for dividends for FOX token holders.

Burning $FOX token to buy lotteries, get dividends if you win the lottery. Lotteries can be bought and drawn at any time, with a fixed cost of 30 $FOX tokens/each.

FoxEye team won’t participate in lotteries.
Q: Is this lottery fair?
Yes. FoxEye contract utilises fair On-Chain Random Number, which requires multi-parties and two-round interactivity to reveal and compose the random number. Nobody(including the FoxEye team) can cheat.

There is an array of random number hashes stored in the contract. A user will provide a random number generated by the front end while buying a lottery. After purchase, the FoxEye bot will draw the lottery with a preimage corresponding to that random number hash.

The final random number = keccak256(abi.encode(lottery.revealedRandNum, lottery.userRandNum)))

If the final random number <= uint256_MAX / 10, which is 10% odds, then the lottery is a win.
Q: Lottery reward calculation
Reward = foxHoldings * dividendsPoolSize * 100 / foxSupply;
Reward can’t exceed dividendsPoolSize / 5.

foxHoldings and foxSupply is the snapshot value when you bought your lottery.
dividendsPoolSize is the current value for how many stables are in the Dividends Pool contract.
Q: Token Distribution
80% - Airdrop to users
5% - Team
15% - Reserve for DAO and other contributors
FoxEye @ 2023